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Coastal Grandmother

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Grandchildren, beach house, and AARP card not required. 

You definitely know a Coastal Grandmother.  In fact you may be a Coastal Grandmother.

Classic in every way, she's effortlessly put together and remains uninfluenced by the influencers.  

She loves needlepointing (duh), neutral interiors, sending handwritten thank you cards on custom stationery, gardening, oversized hats, sundresses, and cashmere sweaters, to name a few. 

Old or young, landlocked or waterfront, this canvas is for you. The design is approximately 7.5"w x 4"h on 13 mesh. 

It is large enough to be finished as a sunglass case for oversized sunglasses (yay!) See the way it was beautifully stitched by @beaconhillbarbie (IG) and her gorgeous color swap. 

Canvases are hand stitch-painted in the order received. Your order will ship in approximately three weeks. You will receive an email when your canvas is on its way. ☺️

It will arrive with a size 20 tapestry needle and a tassel needle threader.  

Due to the nature of handpainted canvas slight variations may occur. 

Canvases do not come kitted or stitched.

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mindfulness fed by needle and thread